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The Evan Johnson Anthology was given to me by the man himself in 2003 with no track listings or packaging whatsoever. They were merely five silver CDs on a spindle. I have accepted the mission of naming and documenting more thoroughly the music on these 6 volumes, spread over 5 discs. The archivist in me could not resist the challenge and the music fan in me enjoys it all a great deal. (So that it would not get scratched or damaged, I also put it in jewel cases.)

Like I said, no track list was delivered to me with the discs, so all titles are unofficial yet very effective at conveying the many moods of the pieces. Evan has said that some songs from the Anthology will be on his next commercially released disc.

I have given each disc in the Anthology its own page because each disc contains as many as 61 tracks. Each track is listed with a song title, information about the recording, and sometimes special notes about the song.

Songs with lyrics are listed in bold, although I have not yet transcribed and made available those lyrics. When I note that a song has been given overdubs, it is because that suggests to me that that take of the song is probably the one Evan was most happy with.

Disc One ~ Disc Two ~ Disc Three ~ Disc Four ~ Disc Five

I have contacted Evan with 24 interview style questions related to the Anthology. Included is a list of proposed songs for his next studio album. You can view the questions here. Evan's answers will be posted as they arrive. So far there are 0 answers.

Should the information on this website cause you to become interested in owning your own copy of any or all of the discs of the Anthology, you may contact Evan using the information available at ellida.com. He may or may not be willing to provide you with the discs you require. You can also use that information to order his two officially released CDs, How Could I Know and Stealing Stage Time, both of which everyone, including you, should own.

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