Why is this site here?
by Memphis Evans

Indeed, when there is so much information on the official Cody Weathers site, it seems unnecessary, but I just have been listening to A LOT of Mr. Weathers' music lately and wanted to create a tribute site. Also, like my mini-sites for Kaptain Karl and Doc's Kids, I hope to direct anyone visiting my website to some other great music. So here's the story as I understand it.

My friend Karl met Cody when they both lived in Denver. Karl told me of a crazy man with long, wild hair singing lyrics at the edge of comprehension and beyond. Karl loaned me casettes of Flip Nasty's Guitool, River Dreams, and Monkey Eat Monkey: A Checkmate Records Sampler, plus the double CD greatest hits entitled Songs You Hate. I was intrigued and some of those loans became invluntarily permanent. Earlier this year I negotiated a large trade for even more Weathers/Flip/Catcher music.

Like most great artists, it is hard to pinpoint or pigeonhole the music. One thing I get bored with is that with most music, my rigorous education, ear training, and years of figuring out songs for guitar students catches up with me. Where other people hear feelings or meaning I just hear the chords going by, the actual notes of the melody, and the other various technical mechanics of the way the music was performed and recorded.

The best tribute I can give to Flip Nasty is to say that this NEVER EVER HAPPENS. It's like rock but different. Better. More intelligent. With occasional forays into art music, string quartets, percussion ensembles, spoken word, chalkboard experiments, and so on.

(Full disclosure: I could tell what the chords were on The Stunt Beatles' "Round The Bend" from Tongue Meets Eyeball. But not throughout.)

Speaking of The Stunt Beatles, the other enjoyable part of Weathers' whole thing is the artwork and text found on the website and CDs. It seems to come from an alternate universe of bizarre musicians, all on the Checkmate label, at least half of which is created entirely by Weathers' prodigious imagination. A grouchy Seattle bluesman, fistfights and insults between band members, rock festivals that never happened, and photos of people passing through Denver who didn't know they were posing as bands are just the tip of this particular iceberg.

So what should you do? I recommend one or more of these five possibilities.

1. Immediately get a free download of the song "Best of Days" at reverbnation.

2. Go to codyweathers.com to read more and figure out what the lyrics are.

3. Read about then buy Guitool, the best Flip Nasty album.

4. Read about then buy Songs You Hate, the double CD greatest hits from Cody's first several rock bands, including Flip Nasty.

5. Read about then buy Cody's recent two disc largely acoustic re-recordings of his favorite songs Least Significant Failures.

5 1/2. And be sure to ask for one or both of the Checkmate Records sampler CDs, Tongue Meets Eyeball or/and Monkey Eat Monkey.

Or just go back to Impenetrable Wall of Force !

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