Music Teaching Lesson Two


Now that you have mastered tuning and the open position chords in Lesson One, here are two more concepts for you to study: Movable Chords a.k.a. Bar Chords and Major Scales

Here is a Movable Chord chord sheet you can view in a browser or download:

Ukelele Movable Chord Sheet

Here is a group of Movable Chord patterns you can play to memorize those chords:

Movable Chord Patterns

As always, practice these with a metronome, starting very slowly around 55 b.p.m. Once they are very smooth and memorized, speed up.

Here is the C Major Scale and some instructions about how to play it:

C Major Scale

Here is the D flat Major Scale and some instructions about how to play it:

D flat Major Scale

The D flat Major Scale is movable and will allow you to play every other Major Scale according to the included chart. Now you can solo in any key!

That is all there is here at this time.
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