And You Say
by Cody Weathers

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"And You Say" was one of two The Brothers Three songs from the Checkmate Recods sampler Monkey Eat Monkey. MEM is the most complete record we have of The First Annual Checkmate Records Exemplathon from April 4, 1997 in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho. As I said on the livestream, you should get this album. At the very least, you should read the liner notes, excerpted here:

"200 folding chairs in a high school auditorium, lukewarm grape Kool-Aid, and a handful of curious strangers --that's what Rock and Roll is all about."

Complete information on the album, including both original and reissue liner notes, is here:

Monkey Eat Monkey

Cody Weathers, who created Checkmate Records, has put out about three dozen albums. As one does every few years, I am listening to all of Cody's music in order again, which takes only a little longer than reading all the Harry Potter books again. I'm currently at Pronounced "Snausages" by El Squeako. Cody also helped encourage me to do the livestream.

Cody Weathers at facebook

Remember when I kissed you in a tree and we spent hours in the quiet
of the blanket of the wool of night from three to four in the morning
molesting each other up against the old upright piano?

And you say how I never kissed you in a tree (2x)

Yesterday, I saw your enemy --your secret sworn enemy.
She fluttered her big brown pools of manipulation
and tried to make me do some little thing as if I wasn't wise.

And you say I'm a fool. (2x)

All alone over mountains over deserts, safely from the river of your eyes
--your beautiful eyes, slow and still that swallow me whole and pull me away.
All alone in the frost and mist from a nearby park, I watch a restaurant burn
from a merry-go-round where I never kissed you or felt the warmth of your heart
--or better still told you all my secrets specifically your fault.
I watch it burn and smell the chicken. I can't believe I'm this lonely every day.
Don't you have something better to do than make me remeber you?

And you say you love the merry-go-round. (2x)

Before you, there were others who ran off to be Nebraskans.
Nebraskans these, your enemies who want to steal the treasure
--the treasure deep inside your heart, the treasure that is twisting
and spinning, hooking, grappling in every space I loved you.

And you say how I never kissed you in a tree.
I just want to see what you are.
And you say how I never kissed you in a tree.
I just want to see what you are.

I think that you and your aliens should return my cheap belongings,
except for you can keep the wine and my journal --I don't know me.

And you say, "come inside and lie down, Valentine." (3x)

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