Brothers Aren't Always From Blood
by Memphis Evans

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"Brothers Aren't Always From Blood" comes from me getting one of those "Some old artist's best five albums for $7.99" box sets. I had always been curious about The Everly Brothers because they were such a huge influence on Simon & Garfunkel, who I've loved for decades. Spoiler alert: The Everly Brothers are pretty darn good! They created an instantly recognizable, real, emotional sound together.

I included this song because I thought it would be the second easiest one to play (after last week's) from the new album I'm working on with the theme of "The Gifts of The Holy Spirit", on which every song corresponds to one of those or its total absence. In my mind "Brothers" also thematically bookends with "I'll Actually".


The bird in the sky sees everything
The fish sees the murky deep
We move and we talk and sometimes we sing
Stuck here in the middle between

Romance isn't always for losers
And love isn't always a drag
A cloud isn't meaning
To ruin your evening
And brothers aren't always from blood

The Nite Owl is cry'ng for the joy of dark
Manhattan to me is a drink
I'm looking around for the source of sound
And finding there's less than I think

When wind in the West is expected
You'd bet that the river held mud
The mask on my face hides
A torrent of bromides
And brothers aren't always from blood


There aren't always cars on the highway
And warmth isn't all from the sun
An end to your hurtin'
Can't find but for the searchin'
And brothers aren't always from blood

So much hasn't gone as we've foreseen
The heart of the battle is on
We shot up some cans with explosives and
Forever has only begun

A child who's a son of the mountain
Leaves a ring on the east river bank
The mask in its new place,
You still saw my true face
And brothers aren't always from blood
No brothers aren't always from blood

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