Anything: The End of Something
by Memphis Evans

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"Anything: The End of Something" came out of exploring chords used in Alex Chilton's version of Loudon Wainwright III's "Motel Blues" and the transition before the guitar solo in Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven". You play different chords on the lower strings but leave the F# and D on the high strings 1 and 2. This makes some very tasty dissonances when your chords are e minor or C, neither of which normally features D or F#.

This is especially true if you play these chords on a 12 string, which doubles the four lower strings an octave up, resulting in some Major and minor seconds between those extensions. I'll always be grateful to my jazz piano teacher Don Stile for showing me that chords with Major or minor seconds (in other words, notes right next to each other) are more fun to play and to hear.

The words obviously tie in to the theme, documenting the exact moment when a person is deciding whether they want to keep the same life or change to a different life. It is the cliffhanger to this two-part episode, just like Riker saying "Fire" at the end of "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1" only you won't have to wait all summer to see what happens.

I first recorded this on an NSI (New Song Idea) microcassette while visiting my parents in Maryland. I then brought that microcassette back to Minnesota and promptly lost it. Right around that time I cleared out my apartment and took two big boxes of stuff to Goodwill in Apple Valley. I became concerned the microcassette had been in one of the boxes. I called the Goodwill and explained the situation and they let me in to their back room and said I could search to my heart's content.

It was an unimaginably huge warehouse of deep, large boxes of junk on innumerable shelves and thus an extremely daunting task. I couldn't locate any of the stuff I'd donated, to say nothing of a single microcassette. I gave up, depressed, rather quickly. Later I found the microcassette after a thorough search of my apartment and created the recording you hear here. Whew!

I ended up with too many lyrics for one song and so two slightly different verses make up a reprise called "Anything: Yeah, A Nice Beginning". Will that song appear on Livestream Episode 4? Will the collective narrators of these songs choose love? Will Picard be trapped as Locutus forever? Stream in to see!


I am done with all the thinking
and I'd like to go on dreaming
and it's peaceful living in this tower
But I see the world around me
and I wonder how it found me
especially at this early hour
Without you why would I ever sing?
It wouldn't mean anything

In a high rise on a hillside
like a castle in the old times
you could use a knight with shining arms
And I sure could use a princess
'cause alone I'm mostly winless
but I'd hate to see my sadness harmed
Without this, without that, everything...
Why would anybody sing?

We could find a place together
but it'd have to be forever
We go all the way or we don't go
'Cause it's yeah, a nice beginning
but it's sure the end of something
and it's somewhere out there in the snow
Without us why would bells ever ring?
It wouldn't mean anything

I am happy fingerpainting
and I'd like to keep pretending
that I'll someday ride in Cadillacs
But I know I should be going
but there's more to this than knowing
Think it's time we put this train on tracks
But without this why would I ever sing?
It wouldn't mean anything

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