No One Could
by Cody Weathers

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We return for a third time to the deep well of the 1998 Checkmate Records sampler Monkey Eat Monkey. If you have followed me this far and not made an effort to acquire this album by now I don't know what to tell you.

"No One Could" was originally recorded by Fingernail Factory in an arrangement that omits the bridge and evokes The Police. It has been re-recorded live and in the studio by Cody and other Checkmate artists several times since. I tried to take all the best bits from all the different versions and consolidate them here.

This song makes one of those ultimate, unequivocal statements in several different ways. It's a great description of the feeling that one is incapable of loving or being loved. Even if something seems good, it is actually bad or will inevitably go bad. What young person hasn't felt that way at some point? I am re-reading Hamlet right now and Hamlet would love this song.

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If you're with me, you will leave me
If you love me, you're a liar
If you meet me, you'll avoid me
If you see me, you'll go blind

I'm alone
No one loves me, no one could

I'm so ugly, you must hate me
You must trick me with your eyes
If I trust you, you'll betray me, you'll betray me
When you tell me it's all right


I was choking on the promise, afraid of love
Afraid of loving you

If you kiss me, you control me
If you hold me why, why, why, oh why?
If you need me, you don't know me, you don't know me
If you want me, it'll die

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