Anything: Yeah, A Nice Beginning
by Memphis Evans

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"Anything: Yeah, A Nice Beginning" came from extra lyrics for "Anything: The End of Something" and is meant to be the more hopeful and determined one. It is the shorter reprise in the penultimate spot of the album, the obvious inspiration being Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

This was recorded in one take at the same time as it's sibling and also 4-5 covers which I will probably never buy the rights to release. It was a good session until I got a little carried away and sang the final chorus of "The Boys of Summer" up where Don Henley sings it and took myself out of an otherwise dynamite take. Lol.


I am done with all the thinking
and I'd like to go on dreaming
and it's peaceful living in this tower
But I feel the world around me
and I wonder how it found me
especially at this early hour
without you
why would I
ever sing
it wouldn't mean anything

I am lonely fingerpainting
But I'd like to stay pretending
or I might just end up tending bar
And I know I should be going
but there's more to this than knowing
and I think I'd rather wind up where you are
but without this
why would I
ever sing
it wouldn't mean anything

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