Ron Cey
by Memphis Evans

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1. "Ron Cey" is about my first memories of watching baseball on tv during the 1981 World Series. And yes, I know the back-to-back home runs were actually hit by Pedro Guerrero and Steve Yeager in Game 6 but Cey hit one in Game 3 that started turning the series around for the Dodgers so the line as sung in the song is pretty much true.

Also from that series, I remember Ron Cey getting hit in the head by a Goose Gossage fastball. That was very scary. I couldn't believe he came back from that so quickly. I also remember Graig Nettles going horizontal to snag a line drive to third base. 1981 was a heck of an introduction to postseason baseball!

2. It is thrilling to me that Ron Cey has actually heard this song. Someone who knows him was googling him and came across the song on the old garageband website, where songwriters could submit their work for review and review other peoples' as well. It was pretty cool. I didn't hear from the man himself but the person contacted me and graciously shared their kind thoughts about the song.

3. Sometimes I write a song and it's fine but it doesn't really take off. Other times I get a lyric line or a musical turn that really elevates the song and completes it. With this song it was these lines:
"Took this long to learn
It's okay that the seasons turn"
That's why they are the only verse lines that have a vocal harmony. They're the whole point of the song. Sometimes the whole point of a song never even emerges.

4. An old version of this recorded shortly after I wrote it had a saxophone obligato answering several of the lines. A longtime fan suggested I record it without the saxophone. Done! (p.s. I hope you don't have a similar aversion to glockenspiel!) That old version also lacked the instrumental bridge section which I didn't even write until a few years later. Finally, as with Farmers Song or Good For A While, I've played the song live many times and realized I needed to change some lyrics around to really lock in everything I wanted to say.


I remember 1981
I was nine years old and I loved baseball
Back-to-back home runs
put the Yankees on the run
and Ron Cey had hit one
Bleeding Dodger Blue
until 1982
when Ron Cey joined the Cubs

And Ron Cey doesn't play
for the Dodgers anymore
and I decided to
get married
And hey, it's okay
if it's a silly thing to say
but I believe in love

I remember 1993
I was twenty one, so sad and happy
I thought I was smart
because my nights were long and dark
And love was just a lie
That's what I believed
but now I think I was deceived
and Ron Cey had retired

And Ron Cey doesn't play
they moved from Brooklyn to LA
and I decided to
get married
And hey, it's okay
It seems a cheesy thing to say
but I believe in love

I remember things I thought I knew
Love was only for the stupids
Took this long to learn
it's okay that the seasons turn
and now I know love is real
but I remember when
with classic ESPN
where Ron Cey plays forever

And Ron Cey's gonna play
for the Dodgers evermore
and I decided to
get married
And hey, it's okay
I said just what I meant to say
'cause I believe in love
yeah, I believe in love

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