(Don't Worry About) The Disco
by Memphis Evans

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"(Don't Worry About) The Disco" came from waking up slowly and very intentionally bringing the song I was hearing in my dream into the waking world. This is how many of my songs arrive at first. Fresno, Howling Wind, The Lane, and many others all started this way. In my dream it had a Green Day texture to it with hard, fast downstrokes on eighth notes. I made a demo that is still available at my reverbnation page here. At that point I was doing most of my writing on my nylon string classical guitar tuned down a step and a half. As I wrote this song I played it in B, so it sounded in A flat. I loved it, but it was unwieldly and strictly a studio creation.

Holy smokes, in listening to that demo I realize I need to add the harmony vocal and the "flanger on everything during verse 3" to the new 2020 version! This may end up being posted late Saturday instead of early.

Shortly after I wrote this, during one of the Toys For Tots shows at the Acadia in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, I played this song by myself for some reason. Was there a Memphis solo set? Did Karl break a string? At any rate, I connected very deeply to the song with just an acoustic guitar in the key of C. I felt like if someone was paying attention to that performance in that moment that they were seeing who I really was. It was quite extraordinary.

That was the genesis of me playing it a lot around the house and really falling in love with it and sharing it with my friends. Now it has been requested for the livestream and so has come full circle. I hope you enjoy the new recording, which attempts to encapsulate everything this song could be: punk, disco, and singer/songwriter all at once.


Don't you wanna dance again?
Don't you wanna find your old best friend?
Don't you wanna have a heart?
Don't you kinda want a brand new start?
Don't you wanna be with me?
There's no one else here for you
I can clearly see that
Leave this dance club shirt behind
I'll take you home and make you mine, all mine

Look at all this crooked mob
Don't send a saint to do a dead man's job
Look at all their crooked ways
I could have had you in my crooked days but
Don't worry about The Disco
Don't worry about The Disco

All my friends call me The Disco
'Cause I'm always at the disco
They could use my name instead
I don't mind telling you I wish they did
Well, no I never asked them why
I guess it means they think I'm
just one of those guys that
needs a nickname on the floor
They see me as the guy who needs to score I know but

Prechorus/Chorus/Solo verse half

A nameless ghost with the club as my haunt
But I think that you could call me anything you want to
Leave this dance club shit behind
I'll take you home and make you mine, all mine, mine, mine, mine

Prechorus/Chorus with "I" and "been"

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