by Memphis Evans

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I think "Sailboat" started in a dream and then I woke up gradually and still had it. I love having people sing along with it. I love doing the Elvis ending. It's a fun song and a shaggy dog story, where the point of the story, if there even is one, is not at all obvious.


We ain't gonna move at all if the wind don't blow (wind don't blow)
Cuz wind's the thing that makes a sailboat go (sailboat go)
You can tell your friend Mr. So-and-So
Yes, you can tell him but he already know
If the wind don't blow we're gonna have to row (have to row)

And if we have to row we won't get very far (very far)
Cuz we aren't really sure where the oars are (oars are)
If you know where they are you're a superstar
unless you left them in the trunk of your uncle's car
Then without that car we won't get very far (very far)

But if we had a car we wouldn't need this boat (need this boat)
And we could get to the castle if it didn't have a moat (have a moat)
They got a lemur in the moat that'll steal your coat
and on the lawn they got an angry goat
The only trouble is a part of our car don't float (car don't float)

Now the part of our car that don't float is called the car (called the car)
The whole thing don't float! That's just the way cars are (cars are)
Sailboat, sailboat, car car car
without some transportation we won't get far
But maybe first we oughta find out where exactly we are (where we are)

Did we get to that place you really wanted to see (wanted to see)
Did you get from old point A to new point B? (new point B)
From the island on the water to Highway 3
if you didn't quite make it baby don't blame me
You still might get there e-ven-tu-al-ly (eventually)

Now the secret to pulling a song out of the air (of the air)
Is to sing the song when the song isn't really there (really there)
Sailboat, car, elevator, and stair
All you got to do is to go on, git somewhere
It's a trick to sing a song that isn't there (isn't there)

But now I think I hear my brother's trumpet blast (trumpet blast)
And the more we move, the more that we move fast (move fast)
The oars, the cars, the goat's been grassed
We're gonna put these things deep in the past
Cuz I think we got our sailboat home at last (home at last)
Yes I think we got our sailboat home at last (home at last)
Yes I think we got our sailboat home at last (home at last)

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