Great Big Decisions
by Kaptain Karl, Memphis Evans, and Doc's Kids

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In late 1997 and throughout much of 1998 I wrote several songs about my new, exciting girlfriend. One such song was called "Here" and we played it in Urban Rust a few times before that band ended. It would have been on a second album by the Leave This Place lineup, along with j. bell's Someone Else's Daughter, Carla's Accept Yesterday, and Star, which was mostly a terrific song idea Ben had and sent me via postal mail (!) and that I finished up. (Do you have my new address, Ben? Let's do it again!) I wish we had made that album, or at least recorded those four songs with that lineup.

That would have been a pretty great album, but logistics made it not happen.

Karl took the basic melody and chords of "Here", shortened the overly long and extremely repetitive chorus section into a single, zippy, mysterious bridge, and rewrote all the words except for "I the middle of". He also put in hooks from the Doc's Kids song "Stacy". I've (surprise!) added in some lyrics from a very old GUH song called "West Rose", of which the bridge was the best part and appears here.

It's a great song, like a lot of Karl songs, but what makes this one unique is that it's a tribute to '90s rock - both the typical four chord guitar stuff that was massively popular and some very specific bits of songs from our friends. I did my best to make it sound like a sibling of hits by Semisonic, Marcy Playground, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Harvey Danger, etc.


I wonder who made all the great big decisions for me
Back when I could not decide for myself
Back when I lived all alone at the railway station
Under the sign said "Don't Sleep in this Box."

I might be mistaken in thinking that I've been thinking
All of the thoughts that arrive in my head
They might be the remnants of somebody else's memories
That I picked up as I lay in their bed, and I'm...

Underneath the neon lights again...
I'm underneath the pale moon neon lights again

I stopped... in the middle of thoughts and of busy streets and
Wondered why all of my friends seem to be
In New York, in Nanking, Nairobi and Never-Never
These all are places I might never see

But maybe, just maybe they might be around the corner
Waiting for great big decisions for me

I wonder who'll make all the great big decisions for me
Now that I cannot decide for myself
Now that I live all alone at the metra station
Under the sign says "Don't Sleep in this Box."

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