by Kaptain Karl

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Just like Kansas City, Nebraska, I remember distinctly the first time I heard "UPC". It was out at a house Karl was renting in the woods of Wisconsin. I loved the song immediately and thought it was one of those signature, personal Karl songs that only he could write. I laughed a lot. It's The Guy trying to communicate with someone and failing. The story has wonderful, real world, intimate details like "I'll even wash the copper pots that never leave the shelf." Plus I really enjoy playing bass on it, a slow walking groove with just a little bit more movemet than you expected, very much like They Might Be Giants.

Is it Sheila or Joan that The Guy is trying to communicate with? Maybe? Wait a minute! Should this have been featured on the previous, sequel-themed episode as a sequel to Kansas City, Nebraska? Does that mean that Episode 9 is a sequel to the sequels episode? Mind blown.

While practicing it and listening to Karl's Cafe Wren live version from August 2019, I realized those last, loping guitar strums on Dsus/D could go right into Great Big Decisions and I enjoyed recording it that way.


The news was bad again today
but I'll be home again today
and you'll be there to see me if you make it home yourself
And if you don't I'll be alone
I'll do the dishes on my own, I'll
even wash the copper pots that never leave the shelf

And I'll make myself a bite to eat
probably read myself to sleep
wake up in the morning and remember where you are

'cause I need you
and I love you
and I miss you

Well I know I've got your number here written
on this empty case of beer but
I'm afraid I dialed the universal product code
'cause they put me through to New Orleans
where they told me what bucolic means, I
I didn't understand but was afraid to tell them so

So I guess I'll read the daily news
with an eye for opposition views, they're
very hard to find I find I seldom can agree
But still I guess it's what I'll do
to keep my mind from missin' you, and
keep from hoping helplessly you'll hurry up back home

'cause I need you
and I love you
and I miss you

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