by Kaptain Karl
New Revised Edition, Memphis Evans, dramaturg

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"Yeah" is a speedy little number that closes out Karl's sprawling debut solo album Art is a Lie, Baby. Karl played guitar and banjo and sang; I smacked a basketball. It was recorded on four track cassette. It is sort of a declaration of independence. "I'm not yours to play with! I'm not yours to adore! Yeah!"

Many years after that 1997 recording, I had the idea to change it to a lullaby. I have no idea why it occurred to me to do so, but I love it. No longer a declaration of independence, it's a shaggy dog story about ending the chaos and just being there for someone who needs you.


Everyone was standing on the tables and the chairs
Then the tables all got broken, they were standing in the air
Everyone was laughing when I opened up the door
I was feeling kinda funny, then I wasn't any more

Oh, Baby, I'm all yours to play with
Oh, Baby, I'm all yours to adore

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