by Cody Weathers

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I love the imagery of this song - the turtle, light brass baubles, a ring - combined with the yearning for love. Like a lot of Cody's lyrics, these remind me of Trip Shakespeare. I love how long it takes for the chorus to hit and I love the power of it when it finally does.

I still am amazed by Cody's mastery of writing and creating several entire albums with a rotating cast of bands while he was still in high school. This song is from Roque And Roll by the band Roque. It's from 1989, if you can believe that. Like Justin from the previous song, Cody's work ethic is something to marvel at.

More information about the album is available here: Roque & Roll

For more up to date information and interactive capabilities, follow Roque here on facebook: Roque at facebook.


Soft spray rolling off the ocean mist
your hair against my cheek
Light brass baubles tumbling off your wrist
when you're not here I'm weak

Red clay turtle watches all the world
sipping sunshine from its cup
you're to me all the beautiful girls
I would hate to give you up.

Wild eyes looking at a starry night
the moon wrapped in your ring.
Flat rocks twisted by the water's might
you make me want to sing.

instr break

Most pictures say a thousand words, but this one says it all:
you and me and the time of our lives, back then we sure stood tall.
But now our love has faded, and the picture has as well.
I guess we saw it coming, but we kept riding 'til we fell.
But seeing you last friday left me thinking to myself
that we weren't so bad together --let's take this off the shelf.

Listen to what your heart is telling you.
Let it tell you what to do.

But every time I talk to you, my feelings run away.
They hide off in a closet, waiting for a rainy day.
And only now I'm saying what I'm feeling deep inside.
My feelings rest within my heart and it's raining hard outside.
Ah, these golden moments lying dormant in the moss.
I'll wait here for your answer, and I'll keep my fingers crossed.
There's that old red turtle, wary, watching all the world.
Seen two million faces --million boys, million girls.
All that I can ask of you as you smile at the moon
is that we not repeat mistakes so this doesn't end too soon.

Listen to what your heart is telling you.
Let it tell you what to do.

Repeat 1st 3 quatrains with new feel

Listen to what your heart is telling you.
Let it tell you what to do.

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