Pull Over Terry
by Kaptain Karl

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In addition to this episode being a tribute to one of my best friends from college, it is also a tribute to one of my best friends (Terry) from high school. Karl did not, I believe, write this song with my high school friend in mind, perhaps thinking rather about Terry from Terry and the Pirates, who also appeared in our Great Uncle Helmer song "Oh, No!" from old man will travel.

I was amazed when I heard this song because it was describing the road trip I wish I could go on with my hilarious best friend from high school, but written by my best friend from college. Crazy how that happened.

I changed the chords a little bit from Karl's demo, playing it over and over until it felt right. One morning I woke up with that soul groove playing in my head and thought it would be good if the rather dour and mysterious song morphed into something more reflective of the joy of hanging out with Karl or Terry. I love the way the band switch over to the coda groove a little bit at a time before they all lock in.

Technical note: It was really tough for me to learn to play the main riff. Karl plays the D chord with left hand fingers middle, ring, and pinky, leaving his index free to hit that low b on string 5. I play the D chord with index, middle, and ring. To get to the point where I could play the riff fluently was like learning a whole new chord. It was a struggle and there is a point right after verse three where it goes TWANG out of tune for a second.


Pull over Terry
You're driving too slow
Pull over Terry
Now, how did you know
The way to my house?
Have you been there before?
Did you knock on the door
Back in the day
Before I came back
From going away?

Pull over Terry
You're going too far
Pull over Terry
I can't be in a car
And talk about love.
When you know how it ends
Like a Lover or Friend
Or even somebody else
Before you come back
From being yourself

Pull over Terry
There's dinner right here
Pull over Terry
A hot dog and beer
You can make it yourself
The back burner is broke
I'm stepping out for a smoke
Maybe eat while I'm gone
Before I get back
Before you move on

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