My Baby's Home
by Memphis Evans

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This song is another side of the story of last season's "Leave Slow". Instead of leaving the house on Monday morning, the cats and I are excited because the weekend is just starting.

I enjoyed playing this song with Jubilant Dogs. If there's a theme to this episode (and I'm not sure there is) it's that these are songs that are meant for entities other than Memphis Evans solo to play.

Percussion is knee slaps and very gentle drumsticks on a banjo (gasp!) that Scuffy had left at my studio because we were playing some music together (like "(Today I Don't Mind Livin' in a) Small Town" from Season One). Don't tell him I misused his banjo! No one ever reads this far into these anyway, right?


Lyin' on the bed
Starin' at my socks
Green lines on the toes
That's the kind I like
Christmas lights surround me
All year round
It's so nice
What's that sound?

My baby's home
My baby's home
Hooray, hooray, my baby's home
My baby's home
My baby's home

Here come the cats
What do they say?
Meow, meow, meow
How was your day
Now it's time to feed us
We're so glad
Tell us all about the
Day you had

chorus 2x

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