Bring the Camera
by Evan Johnson and Memphis Evans

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I have been working on transferring some old '90s high speed four track tapes of Evan Johnson's to modern digital recording devices. People do not realize what a prolific and chameleonic composer Evan is. Many of the songs on those tapes were brand new ideas and many of those ideas were never developed further.

This one had Evan singing verse one, then the vocal ends but the whole rest of the song is there. The fact that he wrote chords and structure for an entire song without writing any other words or melody intrigued me. I liked it enough that I finished it myself.

The first verse made me think of a couple who travel around taking photos of each other. I just extrapolated from there and found it very easy to finish the rest of the song. I kept Evan's guitar track and synth track and augmented them with a synth bass and backing vocals.

Evan has not listened to my version and is working on his own version instead. I look forward to hearing it and seeing what else he does with that first verse.

I also love how the structure made it possible to re-sing the first two lines as the last two lines, which I love doing, just like with my own "(Today I Don't Mind Livin' in a) Small Town". Not enough songs have that.


Take a jumbo
Down to Orangewalk Town
Man, we'll bring the camera with
and we'll show the world around
Images of true light and they dance inside my head
But why I can't I sleep at night
when I'm back in my own bed and I say

Nowd'l now now na na na na na
no no no na d'l la la la la LA
Na na na na na
No no no no no no no
Na na na na na now now no no no no no

Let it all go
Rest your weary head
Runnin' through the public square's
what you need but never said
A couple dozen birds disturbed
and an old man's wistful grin
A fountain on an overcast day as
we let it all begin again and

Never let 'em tell you that
you're the only one who can understand you
When you feel alone it's easy to think so
but you should know, know, know
I always got your back and I wanted to say so

Why don't we just give up, well,
you could make the case that we should have, I know
But I can be the light for you when you want one, yes
I can go, go, go
I love to hear you laugh and I wanted to say so

Set it up right here
The light is getting perfect
I know you got the eye, dear
And I know we're gonna love it

Just when I thought I was done with the whole i-
dea of trying to say anything
Because everything's a lie and no one would understand even if it were true

Now I threw a lot of phrases out there like
"If there's one thing I know..."
Why don't we forget all that and go
"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" and go "Whoa, whoa, whoa!"
'Cuz I love to hear you sing and I wanted to say so

So take a jumbo
Down to Orangewalk Town

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