by Ben Young and Memphis Evans

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Ben had the title, the verse chords, and the first two and a half verses. Using the technology available to him in the late 1990s, he wrote them down on paper and mailed them to me. I found them quite rockin'! I finished the song and Urban Rust started playing it live.

It was one of four songs generated by the band in the period after we made our final album but before we broke up:

1. I had written "Here" by myself, so I figured I'd eventually record that on my own. (23 years on I have yet to finish a version I am satisfied with.)
2. Carla's "Accept Yesterday" sounded really great and I regret we never got to tape an Urban Rust version of that.
3. Justin's "Someone Else's Daughter" appeared in a very smart new arrangement on his excellent solo acoustic album and then later in a band version very much like the Urban Rust version on a Lazy Susan Band album.
4. Then there was this song, for which I paid to record Justin's drumming at Brickhouse Music in River Falls, WI. Ben came to my place to do the bass and his vocal. I tacked on all the guitars and my vocals. Then I did nothing with it for over twenty years.

Like the Urban Rust version of "Slush", this was one for which the band switched instruments, creating interminable dead spots in our live shows.

My absolute favorite memory around this song is playing it on December 31, 1999 at the Madelia, Minnesota VFW. Justin had borrowed a Guyatone Wah Rocker pedal from Brickhouse and I think I took a long solo or two using that and grinning wildly the whole time. What a way to ring in the 2000s!


A star is my favorite color
I see it in your bleached blond hair
Even if it's not in the sky
I think it belongs there

A star is my favorite sound
Your squeaky shoes on the ground
I heard it before in the sound of the door
before your face peeked around

Star don't fall tonight
Star I am never far from where you are

A star is my favorite shape
Like the one on the shirt you sold me
When you took it all off there was a nervous cough
and then I just laid back and let you mold me

Star don't fall tonight
Star I am never far from where you are

A star is my favorite feeling
The feelin' of you just near me
And if I sing to a star no matter where you are
the star will help you to hear me, baby, singin'

Star don't fall tonight
Star I am never far from where you are

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